Monday, June 24, 2013

plea for help...

I'm really feeling that I am slipping into that dark place once again no matter what i do here. I don't really know where to turn or what to do and it doesn't matter anyways. Even my poems are no longer cheering me up. ~Jaclyn How do you ask for help when nobody listens?

How do you continue on when nobody cares?

Why do you even try when all you do is failure?

What do you do when its just you alone there?

I’m tired of listening to all the experts

Taking their pills to numb the pain

I feel worse regardless of their prescribed happiness

And I don’t care anymore once again

They say that suicide is painless,

A cowardly act to hurt those you leave behind

But my life is just one big mistake

I want to end pretending a happy I cannot find

So again I find myself down this dark path

This time will I have the strength to reach the end?

To unload the burden of my existence from this world

Miserable, worthless, alone without a friend

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