Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So it goes...

Hello blog,

This morning started off so-so, I had a pleasant dream about walking around freely interrupted with the alarm clock going off all too early. I thought how nice it would feel pulling on a long autumnal skirt and then got out my plain work pants.  I love how my nails are growing longer and then disappointed that they don't have any polish.  And so things go I guess.

I took a long walk yesterday afternoon and thought of so many things. I really want to start restocking and may look at getting a new hair style later today.  I have been writing more and had some poetic thoughts bouncing through this mixed thing I call a brain.   I remember that rapeller analogy that I used before and think of myself careening wildly off of rocks trying to figure our which path to take.

Some questions it seems don't have the right answers and I feel destined to try our all the wrong ones.  And so it goes.  Hugs,

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