Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Wishes

Dear blog,

Well today I finished up the last of my Christmas shopping with the exception of a few stocking stuffers.  It always feels good to wrap presents knowing I don't have to follow the hordes of last minute shoppers.  I even took some time out to do some looking for myself (although probably will wait for the after Christmas sales) and was in the mood to do some writing while enjoying a coffee here.  This is probably about as cheerful of any poetry I write so it did feel a bit strange.  But I am really hoping for a happy holidays and to at least enjoy myself for a bit.  I did miss out on any Christmas outings but tomorrow will get to debut my holiday outfit for a friend so I am looking forward to some Jaclyn time there.

Well, this is a short update today but I do have some more news to share in my next posting.  Until then, wishing you a happy and warmest holiday season to enjoy.
~~Hugs~~ Jaclyn

Holiday snow
Grey skies overhead,
Quietness all around,
Solitutude in the world,
A snowflake falls on the ground,

Warm sun reflects stillness,
Chill is in the air,
Peaceful scenery to observe,
A stirring everywhere,

Down in the lane,
A dog's bark faintly hear,
The shush of a shovel,
The crunching of boots approaches near,

Children make an appearance,
Eyeing a snowbank, singing a song,
More people arrive bundled up,
Greeting parents trudging along,

Snowflakes are now flying,
Faster now everywhere, 
Noises are still growing,
Caroling fills the air,

Oh what a wonderful time it's the holiday season,
Children laughing, playing, having fun
People sharing goodwill to everyone

Chill is now broken, 
Warm hearts do embrace,
Snow is still falling, 
An ever-increasing pace,

Oh how the magic of the holidays surround us,
Singing, sharing, gathering us together,
Noises ringing round and warm spirits everywhere,

Slowly the snow falls,
Singling voices start to dim,
Children rush home to their houses,
Memories to store within,

Swiftly the sidewalks,
Beginning thier empty pace,
Pets lead their owners away,
Footprints the only trace,

Loving memories abound, 
Goodwill to share,
Silence recaptures the scene,
Deafness fills the air,

Slowly the last snowflake floats down,
Settles on a bank somewhere near,
A fulll moon fills the horizon,
Peacefullness and goodwill everywhere.

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