Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Changes in the air

As the temperature dipped this morning, I was reminded that autumn was arriving once again.  I found the change in seasons kind of symbolic as I have been personally mulling over several changes in my wee little head here as well.

To start with, I have decided that I need to accept and move forward with myself here.  I made an appointment once again with the local gender clinic for a few weeks from now that I resolve that I am going to keep.  Yes I am scared shitless and anxiously excited and started a countdown of days here. I know this date I will keep obsessing over here, but really I have so much trouble focusing on much of anything else lately it seems.

Another big change I have decided to try and new hairstlye.  Again I am very nervous and excited and am going to try and go with bob in a natural blonde color.  I am trying to coordinate my outfits and thinking perhaps I need something new to match here.  This feels like another big leap of faith but at least I know I can always go back to the original look here.

Anyways, that is the latest in the swirl of things that is Jaclyn's world today.  I am holding my breath and hoping things end up in a better place than today.  I am just good with change but know it is a necessary thing.



  1. Good luck with the appointment Jaclyn.
    Have you settled on the new hairstyle yet, or are you also changing color? (us redheads need to stick together). Keep in touch.
    Love, Susie xxx

  2. When I first visit a blog I always try to read at much as time allows to get a sense of the person and the joys and sorrows this individual has in their life. I didn't read every word you have written in 2015, but I read enough to urge you to keep your appointment with the gender clinician. I wish the appointment wasn't weeks off but only days or even hours away. You have so much to offer our often bleak world, but along with your creativity and intelligence is the really dark side of depression. You need to dump your concerns in the lap of someone who understands rather than allowing them to overwhelm you. Visiting any mental health care professional isn't a quick fix, but it is a positive step in the right direction. All the best, Kati