Wednesday, October 12, 2016

post-national coming out day

Good morning blog,

Having my coffee here this morning and taking a few moments to collect my thoughts before starting another work day.

Specifically I was browsing the web and reading posts for friends celebrating yesterday's national coming out day.  It is a bittersweet feeling looking at their smiles and sharing their thoughts here.  I am so happy and proud of each and everyone that stood up in his or her own way and proclaimed to the world that I am me and I am proud of whom I am.  It also leaves a bit of despair here in my heart wishing that I would be there with them.

Unfortunately life is really messy at times and I am not yet to the step to share Jaclyn with more than a few guarded close friends.  So instead I was thinking it would be real nice to have some website or online blog to share my own coming out in a more anonymous safe way.  I am guessing that this would be probably counter to the whole idea of coming out, but hey for now this is the best I can be.  So here goes it.

I am Jaclyn, I am strong and not ashamed anymore of who I am.  I am trans and I am an individual with feelings and not someone just to be associated with a pronoun.  I may look different from others, but inside I love and cry and share and care just like everyone else.  I am going to be me and free these chains that hold me back someday, and I am proud of myself.

Well that felt good.  I know it was really so little in the face of all my sisters and brothers who actually state these things out loud, but I promise I am working on it so that I can join them someday.


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