Saturday, March 1, 2014

new beginnings

Hello blog,

In a life of ups and downs the past few weeks have been another roller coaster.  I have made alot of changes and hope that I will get a break for awhile. The biggest change being leaving my current work and starting over,which is hard to leave all the friends that I have made at the prior place.  But time to move on..

I've also been working on self-acceptance and spent some time trying to feel good about myself.  I had some free time to let myself be me and it felt really good.  Below are some images since I think it has been awhile since I updated any photos.  I love to look back and see how my image gets better over time.  Unfortunately I did not take a closeup to show the big smile I had letting myself feel free but I think the images show my happiness.

Today is the first day of March so I hope that the spring thaw comes soon as it has been cold far too long. I will try and keep up to date here, but needless to say self-reflection takes alot of ones time.  Wishing everyone out there the best.